Easy Ways to Test if Your Hardwoods Need Refinishing

Knowing whether your hardwood floors need refinishing or not is very important – and it’s not hard at all to determine this! When the time comes, refinishing your hardwood floors is critical because, not only does it make your space look infinitely more beautiful, it adds to the value of your home. Here are 5 steps to take towards determining whether your hardwoods need refinishing or not.

  1. Determine what area of your hardwood is walked upon the most. This area will have received the most wear and will be the area that needs refinishing the most.
  1. Pour about a tablespoon of water onto the floor. The faster it soaks into the wood, the more the floor needs refinishing. For example, if the water rests atop the floor, the finish is still present and effective. But if the water quickly soaks into the wood, then the finish is worn off and needs attention. After wiping up the water with a towel, perform the test in other areas of your floors to determine the overall need your hardwood has to be refinished.
  1. Then, find an area where floorboards are unevenly intersecting and where you can fit an old business card between two of the boards. Insert the card in the selected slot as far as it will go and mark the card where it meets the top of your floor.
  1. Measure from the edge of the business card to the mark you have made on it. If the measurement is less than .75” then it is crucial to have your flooring refinished by professionals. As boards this thin require a very specific and intentional refinishing process.
  1. Lastly, if your hardwood flooring needs to be refinished, call After Five Floors at 678-942-6363. We have the most elite and fast installers that will leave you satisfied guaranteed. Call now to get a free in-home estimate!

There you have it! Determining how close your hardwoods are to needing to be refinished is as easy as these 5 steps. Let us know if you have any questions! As always, we’re here to help.

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Natural Oil Finished Hardwoods

It’s no secret that oil-finished hardwoods are on the rise. The modern style of wood flooring has shifted from a “polished” feel into a “natural” or “rustic” feel.  Consumers across the nation are growing more and more fond of the beautiful, yet antique and distressed feel in their wood flooring choices.

This means that the smooth, glossy look of hardwood floors is transitioning out of the eyes and minds of the consumer. This brings the decline in popularity of the use of gloss, urethane, and wax top coatings.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of natural oil-finished hardwoods!

The application of oil finish on hardwood gives the wood the natural, old-looking look that people are wanting. Unlike a glossy urethane finish that is more susceptible to damage, an oil finish is able to actually infiltrate the wood, as well as form a protective layer on the surface of the material due to the fact that it hardens upon its entering of the wood. An oil finish also provides for effortless maintenance.

All in all, oil finishes suit those who wish to implement the gorgeous style of natural, vintage wood into their floor space. The oil finish looks fantastic, feels elegant and comfortable, and is a safe finish that will allow your floors to last a satisfyingly long time.

If you have any questions or would like to check out our selection of natural oil finished hardwood floors, please call us at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363!

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Flooring Options for Your Deck or Patio

Outdoor flooring used to be a lost cause. “Astroturf” used to be one of the leading options for outdoor flooring! Visually, this is not very ideal. But with advancements in flooring materials, we now have many options available to make your outdoor leisure area look amazing.

  1. Natural Stone Flooring – Flooring composed of natural stone (granite, limestone, marble, etc.) is a great option for outdoor flooring. It is the strongest and most durable option, but it is usually the most expensive to have installed.
  1. Wood/Cedar Flooring – Wood flooring in outdoor applications is quite beautiful and very durable. The harder and more durable the wood, the more time-friendly it will be. Wood flooring in an outdoor setting is harder to manage than other options, as it requires to be regularly cleaned, re-varnished, and re-sealed to avoid elemental effects such as mold.
  1. Tile – Tile is another splendid option. However, your selection of tile must be much more durable and dense than a tile that is generally suitable for indoor use.  A huge perk of using tile in an outdoor setting is the fact that it is very easy to clean and maintain.
  1. Outdoor carpet – Yes, I said carpet. Carpet materials that are acceptable for outdoor application have been on the rise in recent years. Carpets suitable to occupy your leisure area are composed of synthetic materials and are very resistant to mold and water. Due to their high strength, they can handle a lot of foot traffic. These carpets are very customizable in terms of color and design as well!
  1. Regardless of the type of product you go with, it is critical to have it installed with excellence. When flooring takes to the outdoors, weather becomes a new leading factor in your floor’s ability to survive and thrive. At After Five Floors, we can guarantee an extraordinary level of excellence in our installation process. We stand by our ability to do the job right in any application – indoor or outdoor.

If you have any questions regarding outdoor flooring options, give us a call at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 and we will be more than happy to help!

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Vinyl That Looks Like Stone?

Shaw has released a brand new line of product that synthesizes elements of stone and resilient flooring. The fusion of these two flooring styles makes for a very versatile product that is perfect for any use. Here are a few of their benefits:

Beauty & Variety in Design – Advanced digital imaging is used to give Quarry tiles their deep, full visual – making them very customizable. They also vary in size and have many grouting options. With all of this being said, your floor can be customized to the exact way you want them to look by using Quarry tiles.

Strong – Because of Quarry’s extensive durability, they can be installed essentially anywhere. Whether indoor or outdoor, upstairs or downstairs, in-home or commercial – Quarry gets the job done right. They withstand freezing temperatures and are very long lasting against foot traffic. Their toughness does not compromise their comfort underfoot.

Ease in Maintenance – The fusion of tile and stone makes for an easy clean. The surface is smooth and can be wiped clean quickly. The grout takes on the same personality, as it is very stain resistant.

To find out more about this new, innovative product – give us a call at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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Pet-Resistant Carpets: Your Pet and Your Carpet Can Finally Get Along

Say hello to the future. Pet resistant carpet (now proudly offered by After Five Floors) is the simple, yet genius solution to longstanding issues of inevitable carpet stains and other damage from pets. If you have pets in your home, you may want to have a look at these benefits of having pet-resistant carpets:

  1. You can use products with hydrogen peroxide in them without having to worry about it affecting your carpet’s livelihood or appearance.
  1. It dramatically reduces odors caused by pets. These products generally come equipped with a barrier within the carpet that disallows any liquids from entering into the subfloor, which promotes a clean-smelling environment when inescapable spills and accidents occur.
  1. It allows pet hair to be easily cleaned from the carpet. The specialized technology found in the carpet fibers break the natural attraction between your carpet and pet hair. This allows for the hair to be removed via vacuuming with unbelievable ease.

Here at After Five Floors, we proudly offer Tuftex Stainmaster carpets that boldly and confidently contain all of the above traits. Give us a call now at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 to learn more about the pet resistant carpets we offer and with any other questions you may have.

Natural Oil-Based Finishes: The Healthy Choice

Refinishing hardwood floor is a must for maintaining its beauty. However, there can be problems with the process due to the chemicals in synthetic products. Refinishing solutions such as polyurethane and acrylic are full of chemicals that can be harmful if breathed in.

The good news is that there are options that are environmentally friendly and safe for your health. These options are natural oil-based or water-based hardwood finishes. Let’s take a look at these products’ top 5 benefits!

  1. Fewer Chemicals.

-Because these finishes are based off of natural products, no artificial chemicals are used and therefore no artificial chemicals are emitted into the air during application.

  1. Simple Application.

    -For all of you DIYers – natural finishes go on your hardwoods with ease and are maintained/cleaned with ease as well.=

  1. Your Floorings’ Best Friend.

    -Natural and water-based finishes are created for the purpose of complimenting your floors and giving them an undeniable authentic look that you can’t find using any other finish.

  1. Protective.

    -The protection that these finishes provide you with adds to the duration of the life of your floors.

  1. Color & Shade – Take Your Pick.

    -This is due to the fact that these natural finishes have now been around long enough for customization to emerge.

Give us a call at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 to ask about the products that we offer fit into these healthy categories, as well as any other questions that you may have.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile and Sheet Vinyl: The Differences

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Sheet Vinyl are both very beautiful products. They do, however, have their differences. This article takes a look into these differences, which will allow you to make the decision of which one is right for you!

Luxury Vinyl Tile:

Shaw Floorte 3

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as “LVT”, are tiles or planks of vinyl that are replicas of natural flooring materials such as natural stone or hardwood. They are organically layered pieces of flooring that use photographic film technology to give the appearance of these natural flooring products.

Sheet Vinyl:

Kitchen Sheet Vinyl 2

Sheet Vinyl is the same as LVT in that is the photographic representation of natural flooring products, but it is different in that it is not pieces of tile or plank, it is installed as a sheet. Sheet vinyl comes in big rolls and is cut to fit your space, unlike LVT, which are individually installed as tiles or planks. The organic composition of sheet vinyl is the same as LVT.

Both LVT and Sheet Vinyl are installed with relative ease and are easy to maintain. They are both resistant to damage and water, and are extremely cost effective. The main difference is their method of installation and how they are purchased. Whether your space is big or small, either can be a beautiful, inexpensive option for you.

If you have any further questions regarding LVT and/or sheet vinyl, give us a call at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 and we’ll be happy to further discuss this topic and help you in any way possible!

(Both photos taken in-house by After Five Floors of After Five Floors-installed jobs.)

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Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Laminate

Hard-surfaced flooring is on the rise, folks. It’s luxurious, comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly. Coming to a decision between the different types of hard-surfaced flooring (hardwood, resilient, laminate, tile and stone, etc.) is becoming harder and harder due to their rise in popularity. A big question people often have is whether luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or laminate floors are best for them. This article will get to the bottom of this question by exploring their differences and similarities!



In terms of the way they feel, vinyl and laminate are very different. While neither product is made of wood, laminate feels more like it. Vinyl feels more like a synthetic material (plastic).

While both flooring types are manufactured in layers, they are made of different materials. LVT is made of vinyl, which provides the product with suppleness. Laminate is made of fiberboard, which makes it much more firm and therefore stronger.



Both LVT and laminate have a fantastic cost to quality ratio. They are both generally affordable, but not at the expense of their quality when it comes to durability and timeliness.

Both types of floor are relatively easy to take care of. They do not need refinishing like natural products.

Lastly, if a spot is damaged on either flooring product, the single piece can be replaced rather than having to replace the flooring in the whole room/area of flooring.


There you have it! We hope this makes deciphering between LVT and laminate a little easier.

But as always if you still have questions, visit our website at www.afterfivefloors.com or give us a call at 678-942-6363 and we’ll be happy to help!

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Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile: Which Is Right for You?

AFF & Karndean LooseLay Luxury Vinyl Tile

The installation methods for different flooring materials are rapidly changing. This is especially true with Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT. The standard has been set with an installation method that requires no staples or glue. This method is called a ClickLock system.   In this system, each plank fastens with planks next to it to secure itself in place. This standard, though, has been recently far exceeded with Karndean LooseLay.

Not only does Karndean LooseLay not require staples or glue to go down securely, it doesn’t even need a ClickLock system. Karndean LooseLay features a unique and innovative backing that uses nothing but friction to fasten itself to the floor beneath. It’s changing the game of LVT installation, and here’s why:

  1. It’s easy to install. No glue, staples, or extra materials are needed for this floor to go down. In cases where the pre-existing floor is hard-surfaced, you don’t even need to take it up before installing LooseLay, because LooseLay will go down right over hard-surfaced floors. Installing this stuff is effortless.
  1. It’s easy to maintain. All you need to do to fix a damaged tile/plank is simply pull up a damaged piece and replace it with a new one. It can also be effectively cleaned with a broom, a mop, and warm water.
  1. It’s durable. This stuff will not expand, crack, or warp and will become a part of your space’s beauty for years to come. It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to seal the deal.
  1. It’s quiet and comfortable. Karndean LooseLay is extremely comfortable and soft underfoot, and absorbs sound far more effectively than laminate or hardwood.
  1. It’s recyclable. Since LooseLay does not require adhesive, the materials become 100% recyclable. A piece taken up from one room can simply be moved into the next!

Here at After Five Floors, we proudly offer Karndean LooseLay and would recommend it for anybody and almost any situation! Give us a call at 678-942-6363 if you want to find out more or have any questions. Thank you for reading!

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How to Spot Clean Your Carpet With Products in Your Cabinets

Many kinds of carpet stains can be removed using simple items right out of your kitchen cabinets. Probably the most helpful out of these simple household items is vinegar. Vinegar can be used to remove some of the toughest of stains. Here is how to do it:

  1. Take either straight vinegar, or vinegar mixed with a little bit of water and pour it into a spray bottle for the easiest application.
  1. Spray it heavily on the area in need of a spot clean.
  1. After spraying the vinegar on the stain, take a scrub brush and scrub the stained spot in every direction.
  1. Take either a dry wash cloth or some dry paper towels and dry the surface that you have scrubbed. You will notice the stain coming off onto the cloth/paper towel.
  1. Repeat these steps until the stain on your carpet is no longer there. You may need to wait until the surface has dried before you repeat these steps.  It’s as easy as that!

If you have any other questions about carpet cleaning and/or maintenance, please call us at After Five Floors at 678-942-6363 and we’ll be more than happy to help!